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Empowering Business Success: Consulting Experts

Blackstone Global is a dedicated team of expert consultants offering a comprehensive range of services, including obtaining Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) licenses, company registration, start-up support, company incorporation, audit of digital lending apps, statutory audit, and taxation services, ERP implementation, HR services, and IT solutions. Our holistic approach ensures all your business needs are met under one roof

Consultation Skills

Empower Business Transformation: Unleash Expert Consultation for Actionable Insights, Growth, and Success. Trust Our Proven Consulting Expertise for Guided Decision-Making and Unlocked Potential

Client-Focused Approach

We prioritize your success and work closely with you to understand your unique requirements, delivering customized strategies and exceptional service tailored to your goals.

Comprehensive Solutions

From NBFC licenses to company registration, audits, taxation, ERP implementation, and IT solutions, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to meet all your business needs.

Extensive Expertise

Our team of highly qualified consultants brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in diverse consulting services, ensuring top-notch solutions for your business.

Specializing in financial services licensing in Pakistan. We assist with a wide range of licenses for NBFCs and existing institutions. Guiding organizations through SECP licenses and compliance, simplifying the complex regulatory landscape with seamless application procedures.

Digital Lending

We help digital lending platforms obtain licenses and comply with regulations, enabling legal and efficient operations in this expanding sector

Investment Finance Services License

We assist organizations in obtaining licenses for investment finance services, enabling them to offer a range of financial products and solutions to their customers.

Asset Management Services

We helps clients to establish and operate asset management companies, allowing them to manage investment portfolios and provide valuable services to their clients.

Investment Advisory Services

We provide consultancy to companies seeking licenses for investment advisory services, ensuring that they meet the necessary requirements and can offer sound investment advice to their clients.

Peer-2-Peer Lending

We assist organizations in acquiring licenses for P2P lending platforms, enabling them to facilitate lending transactions between individuals or businesses.

Peer-2-Peer Investments:

We provide guidance to organizations interested in entering the P2P investment domain, helping them navigate the regulatory landscape and obtain the necessary licenses to operate effectively.


At BGR, we offer comprehensive financial expertise and stay current with regulations to provide tailored solutions for your needs. Partner with us to achieve your financial goals and ensure SECP compliance. Contact us today to discuss your journey as a financial services provider.

We want you to be winners of all eras.

Our team of experts is readily available to provide valuable business advice and guidance whenever you need it